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Press article - 'de ondernemer development trends'

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Dear relations, fans, partners & invested readers,

Orange and Lemons are picking up more media attention and one of the co-founders wrote an article (again) for De Ondernemer. Our primary mission is to share our passion & expertise with others, so they may do it better, and grow on a personal level.

Currently, we are very busy with bigger projects that we can’t wait to announce. But for now, enjoy the article we wrote for De Ondernemer.

A small heads-up, it is about 5 development trends we’ve noticed during the past year.

  1. Headless
  2. Progressive web app
  3. Serverless
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  5. Cross-platform

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the read!

P.S. The article is written in Dutch as this is the location of the Orange & Lemons HQ.

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