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Instagram shop(ping)


What is Instagram shopping

Instagram shopping has actually been around for a while, but recently the function has also become available in the Netherlands. The topic of shopping on Instagram has so far been particularly difficult for e-commerce companies. Previously, links to the shop or products could only be added via the description in the profile.

With Instagram Shopping, products can be 'marked' directly in the picture.

How it works

Therefore, potential buyers no longer have to click around to get to their desired product. To be able to use Instagram Shopping, you first need an Instagram company profile. If you have not yet changed your profile to a company profile, you can do this with a few clicks in the settings. Another requirement for Instagram Shopping is a link to your Facebook shop or product catalog.

To mark products in your post, you can simply select them by using the shopping functions just like marking people in a post. The biggest advantage for the companies is that the user can access the shop directly buy from there. This means that the user no longer has 'to click around' and the seller can maximize sales. Thus, creating a solid win-win situation.

In addition, several products can be linked to the same post and/or picture. For example, offering a complete outfit rather than just the hoodie. Simply put, Instagram shopping is a great way to get your followers on Instagram buying more products from your shop.

How do I add ad an Instagram shop

Step 1: Create a Facebook shop
  1. Create a Facebook shop via your Facebook company page.
  2. On the left side of the page you find tabs, here you click on the shopping tab. However, maybe you need to create one, which can be done in setting (top right of the screen).
  3. Go to ‘Templates and tabs’ and add the shopping tab.
Step 2: Set up your shopping area

After the first step is finished, go to the shopping tab on the left side of your Facebook business page. Next, agree to the terms relevant for your digital store.

A sale from your shop can be made and promoted on Instagram, facebook, messenger and the whole Facebook audience network.

Step 3: Fill your shop with products

The final step, add your products by uploading them or via one of the Facebook partner integrations. The name you give your article will be exactly the same on Instagram. It is strongly advised to use one of the partner corrections to save yourself a lot of valuable time.

Step 4: Activate shopping via Instagram

Go to your profile overview and next to settings. After that go to 'Company'. Here it will say 'Register for Shopping' and you can directly apply for it. Once you have been approved, you can select a catalog to submit for review & approval. When you have done this and it is finally accepted, your shop is directly linked to your Instagram! Every article can be tagged in your post and followers can easily make purchases via your business Instagram account

Relevant conditions to activate Instagram shopping

If one of the below conditions is not met Instagram will not allow you to use this form of shopping.

  • There are at least 9 items in your e-commerce store.
  • You sell physical goods and no personalized products.
  • Your Instagram feed has little or no personalized photos.
  • You have an Instagram business account, and this is linked to your Facebook page.

If you are experiencing any troubles feel free to give as a call!

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