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Apple developer congress & IOS 14


Apple has announced iOS 14 onstage at WWDC 2020, giving the first look at the latest version of its software for the iPhone, and it’s bringing the biggest change to the iOS home screen in years.


With iOS 14, Apple will completely overhaul the widget experience. The new widgets can have more information and a bunch of new sizes, but most importantly, they can be dragged right off the today view and onto your home screen. A single “Smart Stack” widget lets you swipe through your commonly used widgets and can even be set to automatically show you the widget you’re most likely to need throughout the day.


Siri’s full-screen takeover will finally become a thing of the past. When you trigger Siri in iOS 14, it will simply show the Siri “blob” at the bottom of your display, and a lot of the results will show as a rich notification at the top of your screen.


You can indicate for each app how accurate the location facility is towards the app. In addition, apps need to request permission before collecting personalized advertising data.


Apple’s not making any huge fundamental shifts with Memoji in iOS 14, but it’s adding a lot more options to make it easier to express yourself. There are seven new hairstyles, 16 new pieces of headwear, three new Memoji stickers, face coverings and an expanded range of ages. Memoji have been refined with new facial and muscle structure to make them more expressive.


The new feature in Apple Maps is the Apple CarKey, it makes your iPhone works as a car key.

AirPods Pro

If you have AirPods Pro, you'll be treated to new virtualized spatial audio for any source encoded in 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby Atmos. Apple uses motion detection to compare the movement of your head to the movement of your portable device in order to make sure the sound always stays oriented toward the screen, not to the way your head is facing.

Translate app

Apple’s got a new first-party app called Translate, and it’s basically the Apple version of the popular Google Translate app. Just pick two languages, hit the microphone button, and the app will listen to your voice, and provide text and voice translations. You can even download many languages to your device, and it’ll work entirely offline.

We don't have an official iOS 14 release date yet Apple keeps that information pretty close to the vest.

But going by past iOS releases, you can expect a final version of iOS 14 to arrive sometime in the fall.

This is about the same time that Apple takes the wraps off its new iPhones.

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