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Futuristic development - PWAs



progressive web apps or PWAs are an installable native app like experience for desktop or mobile. Hence, the applications are built and delivered directly via the web. A progressive web-app is an advanced form of headless development. Therefore it is always fast and reliably. Meaning, it is always loading and performing at the same speed regardless of the network conditions. Furthermore, they provide rich engagement experiences via modern web features while taking full advantage of the device capabilities. Therefore, greatly increasing UX and UI capabilities. Ultimately, empowering companies to increase conversion and drive revenue up.

IOS or Android - Chrome or Firefox?

Users can install your PWA from the Chrome, Safari or Firefox context menu. Once installed, a PWA integrates with macOS and Android to behave like a native application. Users find and launch them from the same place as any other native app – the home screen of a phone. The PWA runs on its own window and appears in the task switcher. The icon shows notifications, badging and so on.

Android and IOS in harmony

Why we just love them

Our goal is to close the capability gap between web and native apps. While the PWA is delivered on the web, we're working on and are integrating all sorts of new innovative features. Examples of these are wakelock, an ambient badge to the address bar (to let users know that your PWA can be installed), and advanced a-b testing based on algorithms.

We think of the PWA as the perfect combination of web & native development, do you?

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