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A marketer's dream - video


Should you have a video?

Online videos: “should you have one or not really?” The answer is: ‘’yes, you definitely should!’’ It really doesn't matter what your business looks like a freelancer, small business, or multinational corporation - video marketing is a necessity for all forms.

Now it is important to understand why this is true or not. In a nutshell, it is because people – potential clients – love to see and experience the person(s) behind the company. Basically, there are just two major steps in every business, which are: attraction and conversion. First, you need to attract a visitor, and subsequently, you need to convert this visitor into a paying customer. It sounds simple, but this is actually more complicated while it is the combined force of every marketing and sales department.

Why videos are better than content

Videos can of course not replace these departments, however significantly help in reaching their goals. Imagine that an online visitor comes across your website, which is filled with text and images. These explain what you (and your company) do and how great your products or services are. Although, it does not really give a personal touch or grab the visitor's attention. This eventually means that, after reading for one or two minutes, the potential customer will simply leave the website. Now, let us assume that, instead of the boring text, you've got a one- or two-minute video. This video explains all the aspects of your company necessary to create familiarity and conversion. Studies have proven that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than any text. Therefore, you can really give your visitors a lot of information in just a short timeframe.

Furthermore, People are 39 % more likely to share your content if it is delivered via video.

This means visitors will spread your story through social media and attract more people to visit your site (word of mouth). In other words, this is how you increase traffic, which is then reflected by search engines through an improved SEO-rank.

Videos can't replace sales

once a marketeer manages to attain the attraction, the salespersons’ main task becomes important – conversion. 70% of marketers have reportedly stated that video converts better than other content types. Probably you ask yourself: “Why is that true?” This is because your prospects can really see and experience what you do or sell. While getting more detailed information in a shorter timeframe, leads tend to make more confident purchase decisions. Also, video enables you to really stand out from the crowd and strengthen your brand trustworthiness – branding. To summarize, people tend to love video’s

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