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What is a great logo?


The definition

Generally speaking, the logo is the face of a company

"some logos are loved by others, others...the Nazi logo is hated by people"

There are three types of logos, small and large. The first is to use text as a logo. "Text logo is the simplest type, and it is also the most familiar to us. John Hancock's signature is also a text logo. The text logo can be very concise and modern, just like the new Google logo or the text logo may seem to come from some public cultural understanding, just like the Coca-Cola logo.

Google logo

The second type of logo is a picture. Picture logos are often used as a kind of picture riddle. The logo is a picture, and it also implies the meaning of the company name. Some straightforward ones are like the logo of Target. Others are very obscure, such as LaCoste’s.

Old Apple logo

The third kind is the holy grail in a sense, consisting of abstract images. We like the third kind of logo the most because they are like magic.

Abstract logo Chase

The Nike logo

"As a designer, people often come to me and say they want a logo like a Nike hook. They think that the Nike logo was the Nike logo on the day it was designed, but when it was designed, it was nothing."

The Nike logo was designed by an outsourcing company by a student named Carolyn. The founders of Nike did not like this standard. "They are like-well, let's use this logo". It did not succeed overnight. Then they started to put the logo on the sides of the shoes, the shoes were very good. Then the marketing department of Nike Genius is not just about linking the Nike logo to the athlete’s equipment, It’s about linking the logo to the athlete’s achievement.

This is how a small logo Carry many meanings after time". This is how religious symbols work. obviously, these symbols don't have so much meaning in nature. It’s people who give it meaning when they look at it.

Another type?

There is a fourth type of logo here, which is better than the first three symbols, and you can use the elements of the first three symbols. This logo system is like a framework and there can be infinite ways of transforming the first famous logo system.

The progress of science and technology brings the creation of the logo system

"In the past, a company using their logo would inscribe it on their weapons and equipment Printed on the aircraft they produced. On the retail goods they produce, on the gold pins, on the cufflinks, and on those uniforms Printed in ashtrays and spittoons, placed on top of city skyscrapers, written on their business cards".

Nowadays, they are not as important as the logos you use in emails, or your Twitter logos, or a small URL next to your website name. These things are more common and can be easily replaced. For example, Hillary Clinton Bierut's - using the logo system. "We want a logo that can reflect every individual and can respond to major issues".

Logo Bierut Hillary Clinton

This simple sign composed of H and arrow is not just for the red and blue colors but any color you want. The trend of using the logo system seems to be rising probably because it allows the trademark to contain more meaning than staying in his real name. This logo system also reminds people what our direction is today, regardless of shape, style, or system it doesn’t matter what the logo looks like, what really matters is these symbols are just empty containers and you give meaning to these symbols.

Keep it alive to give it meaning

Some containers are good at carrying certain meanings. So when they add up in general, people often argue because the new logo is misleading. They think this is a diving competition but, in fact, all these organizations are really swimming competitions. It doesn't depend on what kind of splash you splash when you touch the water. It's about how long you can keep your head on the water and the logo takes time to settle. It is, simply put, not about just winning an argument.

12 years after the birth of the Nike logo Nike, design student Carolyn gave them a ring with the NIKE logo

—The hook "Thank you, it looks good"

This was to underline the unrealized potential of the logo to the Nike founders. This is because, after designing the logo in 1973, she only received $35 and negative feedback.

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