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The wiki tools you should know about

We'll dive into three wiki tools that you and your team can use. We'll go through these recommendations along with pricing and some key features.

Many of you have probably heard of wiki tools and are looking to jump on board. It is not a new concept. It has been around for a while with apps like Microsoft SharePoint, Atlassian, and Confluence

The goal of the wiki tool is to help you capture useful bits of information, that you and your team share. It's almost like your team's brain or your library.

A lot of people recently used these wiki tools as a bypass or alternative to apps like Google Docs. So in a non-particular order, here is the list of team wiki tools.


Notion is used by many companies, like Figma and Blinkist. Many people like the design. It has some great wiki abilities that allow you to create simple pages that can also be converted into advanced pages. People especially love the project management abilities that come with it.

You can create databases, that turn into panels, that turn into calendars, that turn into tables, and they are very advanced. Many people take full advantage of that.

They have a free plan that allows you to add a lot of different administrators, so you and your team can get started. However, there is a block limit of a thousand. Therefore if you're looking to go and add some members, it will cost you around $ 10 per user, per month. But then again, Notion is probably the hottest wiki tool at the moment for both personal and team situations.

Notion logo

Notion dashboard


Slab is a very well designed app. It also looks very appealing and has this cool unified search feature. So what you can do is connecting your Google, Slack, and other tools. When you go to search, you can find helpful docs and conversations and find it quickly within your Slab account.

You can start creating pages inside of Slab and combine it with the things you created in Google Drive. They have some great administration insights so you can see the types of pages and areas your team is creating each day.

So the pricing for this is fairly reasonable, per month $ 40 for ten users. This means that it's around four dollars per user per month.

Slab logo


Coda is a great way to start creating a document. It looks very similar to Google Docs. You can build a manual or process for your team.

It can be similar to Notion in the sense of, you can buy the basic and advanced project management capabilities within it. So you could build an application or a bit of software that helps you do a specific task. And what's great about Coda above Notion is that it has automation and packs as well. It allows you to link it to existing applications and integrations.

Coda also has a lot of templates, maybe the best template gallery out there. And it provides you with some real-life examples from companies like Uber, Spotify, and many more.

The price is $ 12 a month per user, which is reasonable. Besides, their pricing is a little different. You can have things called 'Doc Maker' Furthermore there is a free plan as well to get you started.

Coda logo

Hopefully, this was useful. The list isn't long, but I made sure to pick great tools. Good luck with choosing the right wiki tool for you and your team, and have fun getting started!

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