Web Apps

Ultra-fast, cross-device, and offline available e-commerce experiences out of the box.

PWA Advantages

Everyone is talking about it for a reason. Try out this 'new' web experience and innovate.

  • Online & Offline accessible
  • 100% Responsive to any device
  • Quicker loading times


Pleasing both the search engine and your visitor. It has never been easier to do exactly that.


Visitors tend to come back if they can view your site without effort.

  • Easy install on the home-screen
  • Push notifications
  • Strong and centralised analytics

Instal On Every Phone

Why waste money on expensive and time-consuming native applications while you could choose a PWA.

When a user is a fan of your shop, you can offer them the opportunity to install the PWA like a native app with just one click. The users don't have to go to the app store, the app is automatically updated and the owner doesn't have to get the app approved by multiple app stores.

Why PWA?

Enjoying native functionalities while doing singular web-based maintenance updates.

Native AppResponsive WebsiteProgressive Web App
Offline Functions
Push Notifications
Installable on home screen
Full screen experience
Indexable by search engines
One place to enter content
Works across all devices
No download required
Doesn’t require updates


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